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Your waste management platform

Resourcify is the digital recycling platform for corporations. Used daily by over 4.000 businesses, the software automates daily operations and enables all businesses to manage, track and improve their recycling while having less administration, and saving up to 30% of the costs compared to conventional waste management.

Well-known from:

„Mit Resourcify haben wir unser Recycling zentralisiert und begonnen, mit Entsorgern vor Ort zusammenzuarbeiten. Dadurch entfallen kostenintensive Zwischenhändler und unsere Daten basieren auf den tatsächlichen Arbeitsabläufen. Das Tracking der Recycling-Ziele wird viel einfacher.“

Michael Schmitz – Universitätsklinikum Bonn

Your benefits with Resourcify

Abfallmanagement Software

Recycling made easy

The legal responsibility and the tasks of waste management are increasing more and more.

With our software solutions, you get the tools you need to sustainably improve your recycling. We help you:

  • digitise and improve your waste management
  • optimise your monthly waste costs
  • dispose of hazardous waste in a legally compliant manner
  • achieve the Zero Waste vision
Report templates that you can use immediately

Waste Balance Sheet

Use this report to show the management how the company will meet recycling targets and where more work is required.

Cost comparison report

The report shows you the cost development, also compared to previous periods. You can identify trends and visualize your savings.

Waste separation report

In the report you can see how waste separation is developing in your company. The report also covers all recycling and disposal routes. Die Übersicht erfasst ebenfalls alle Verwertungs- und Entsorgungswege.

Quickly find
cost-effective recyclers

Quickly and easily find waste management service providers in your area that offer innovative, cost-effective and sustainable recycling methods for your waste:
  • one-time container collections or special promotions
  • framework contracts for regular disposal
  • centralised contracts for decentralised service with local disposal companies

Sie können sofort loslegen

Erstellen Sie einfach ein Konto und legen Sie Ihre bestehenden Container und Entsorger an oder finden Sie mit unseren Tools neue Dienstleister. Funktioniert mit allen Abfallströmen und Entsorgern.

"My reports always impress management, and my team is glad they don't have to spend hours entering weighing data or checking invoices."

Abfallbeauftragter – Bosch Packaging

Digitise your recycling processes

Only when you have achieved full transparency in your recycling processes can you optimise it.

  • easy creation of waste balances and documentation
  • automatic invoice and credit note verification and control
  • discover optimised recovery routes and recycling methods
  • set recycling and benchmarking targets

Software for modern waste management companies

Our software is already used by over 220 waste management companies in the EU to provide digital solutions to customers. As a waste management company, our software enables you to:

  • Leverage best-in-class portals, apps, and communication tools
  • Give your sales team a competitive advantage
  • Attract and work for enterprise customers
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Actively control your recycling

Actively and digitally manage your waste disposal and increase your revenues from recycling

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